Marijke Makes Waves

About Marijke Makes Waves

I grew up in a small town in the Netherlands: Noordwijk. It’s close to the beach and is surrounded by dunes and wide fields. The beach always has been my favorite place. It calms me down, inspires me and gives me a big smile on my face. When I was 13 or 14 people called me Kioni the beachboy. I always wore boardshorts and had wild sandy curls. It’s still a dream of me to learn surfing. At my 21st I moved to The Hague, a bigger city that is also close to the beach. I would never move somewhere that doesn’t have the beach nearby (at least 20min/30min biking distance).

I started blogging when I went on an exchange to Denmark for my study in Marketing and Sales. At the time travel blogs started to get really big. A lot of my friends did it to share their travel experiences with friends and family. Since I was not really traveling, I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience with the world on

I always had a thing for writing and reading. I wanted to do more with this: become a writer or a journalist. Especially after the blog I knew that a career in Content Marketing / Writing would be perfect for me. Combine my passion with my studies. From that moment on I picked all the possibilities I could get to gain more experience. I worked as a Marketing Intern for Front Runner and The Body Shop.

After graduating I started a Premaster in Marketing. I tried really hard, but it was not for me. Statistics really killed me. After 6 months of fulltime struggles, I realized it wasn’t for me. It wouldn’t make a huge difference in the career I had planned for myself. Eventually I started working as Marketing assistant and eventually got promoted to Content and SEO specialist. Next to that I also worked on blogs for and Here I got to know my knew environment and shared the best places for food and theatre.

After a while I started thinking, why not start a project for myself? Create something fun. I’m a huge foodie and always have some tips and go to’s to share with friends and family. Also my social media profiles were always full of food pictures. 

Somehow I could never find the right name or category. It didn’t feel right to go all in with only food. When I finally started a blogger reached out to me. The blogger claimed I stole the name and threatened with a lawsuit. I didn’t even start yet and already decided it was better to remove everything.

Now 5 years later I’m back after reading ‘You are a Badass’. It is time I do something for myself that I’m passionate about: telling stories and creating content. With Marijke Makes Waves I’m taking everyone on my journey. I write blogs about topics that I really enjoy (food/selfcare/skincare) and teach myself the basics of building a website/community.

Please email me anytime at, or message me on Instagram.