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Hello I am Marijke welcome to my blog

Hi, my name is Marijke. Welcome to Marijke Makes Waves. I love writing and content, therefore I started this blog. I grew up close to the beach and it is my safe space. I hope my blog will be one for you too 🙂


Pont de Normandy

Follow me along to the beautiful lands of Normandy in France. In a 3 part blog I will tell you all about my summer there 🙂

best brunch spots in the hague

In this blog, I’m sharing my favorite brunch spots in The Hague with you. Mimosa’s, bacon, scrambled eggs, and coffee are all you need!

Curls are everywhere lately. You find them in all kinds of types. As a curly girl myself, I share my tips and tricks for beautiful curls.


I love music and sharing it with friends. In the first Marijke Makes Waves playlist, I share my favorite indie/pop songs. In other volumes, I would like to highlight other songs in different genres.

book 5

During the pandemic, I discovered that I felt stuck. I realized I did a lot on autopilot. With these inspiring books, I started working on myself.

change in skin

My skin is glowing, but this was not always the case. When puberty knocked on my doorstep, my acne journey started…


Now the terraces are opening up again, I want to share my favorites with you. The best terraces in The Hague you can find here in this article.

white blossom

I can’t stop thinking about finding my sweet spot or niche. As with everything, I like too many things. I’m not sure if it’s clear where this blog is about; HELP. Or am I overthinking again?

barca views

A city trip is great for short getaways. If you are an active person you can easily rent a bike to discover your city. If you are like me and more about food and chilling: you get a public transport card.  I picked 3 cities, two that are really unique and one that is an all-time classic.

making progress and waves

It has already been a month that I started this website/blog. I didn’t tell a lot of people yet, but I go forward and share my stories. In this blog, I share my journey so far and give an insight into building a website.

Skyline The Hague

I love food: cooking for friends and family is great, but going out for dinner or lunch is my favorite thing to do. In this blog I share my favorite restaurants in The Hague.

how to unwind

Now I work more from home, the balance is more difficult to find for me. In this article, I share my favorite things to help me unwind.

My favorite place

Lately, I was on a more go with the flow vibe: less journalling and just do whatever makes me feel happy. Now I’m back on the journal track. Not doing it makes me feel meh. Here I am again writing about my week in Waves of Wisdom #2.

Marijke Makes Waves

When the pandemic / Covid-19 is over, these are the places to go to. Ofcourse travel will change, but some places remain on my bucketlist. What are the places you are dreaming about to visit after the pandemic? 

Journalling in my diary

Just started working on building this blog and website. Therefore to share my journey I created this Waves of Wisdom journal. Follow me and I hope I can inspire you to start your own project too.

how to start with running

Now the gyms are closed and most of us are working from home you see more people walking and running. I also started running. I really hated it, but I really start to enjoy it more. Let me tell you exactly what I did and how I eventually started.