Eating my way through Normandy

France has this special place in my heart. We’ve been to the south and west for our family vacations for years. This year I went to Normandy for the first time. The weather, nature, and food make it a great place to wind down and chill.

It’s been quite a while that I was in France. The last time was a week in Paris, but that didn’t feel the same. No big supermarkets, no beautiful beaches or swimming in the sea. Especially after a year full of lockdowns and covid, I was very happy to jump in the car and drive off to beautiful Normandy. I was ready for lots of croque monsieurs, smelly cheeses, and chocolate.

Normandy: cheese, butter, cream, and apples

Normandy is known for its products and is the birthplace of classic French cuisine. The region breathes French history. This was my first time here, but luckily my boyfriend has been there many times. He was very excited to show his France to me. When arriving at Pont de Normandie, he felt immediately at home. The high bridge gives you a great view of the river Seine that ends in the sea.

Pont de Normandy

Our cozy home for two weeks

After our 6 hour drive, we arrived at our gîte. This is a French country cabin that is usually part of a farm. We rented it via Gîtes de France. This is a website where you can find a lot of gîtes for rent in France.

The one we rented was from a French farmer and his British wife. Very nice people that also could speak English very well. After packing and discovering the little house we went to the French supermarket to get groceries. We had to rush since the store would close at 20:00 and we were there around 19:15. We bought some eggs, chips, cheese, chocolate and desserts :).

The next morning I realized how nice our little Gîte actually is. We had a nice shower, an open kitchen and the cows walking around in the field near us.

So far a great start of an amazing 2 weeks vacation. In my next blog I will share our first week in Normandy.

Gites de France in Normandy
Normandy Field without cows