best brunch spots in the hague

Favorite brunch spots in The Hague

My love for brunch started with the hotel breakfasts on our family vacations to France. I couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning and get some crispy bacon strips with silky smooth scrambled eggs.

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

Even when I started working at a hotel myself, to serve breakfast to our guests, my love for it didn’t go away. There is something magical about a good sandwich with some eggs and bacon.

The first thing I check before booking a hotel is the reviews on the served breakfast. Since for me, this says a lot about a hotel and the experience. If they can’t make proper eggs and bacon then it’s not the place for me.

Brunch is served!

What I don’t like about breakfast is that it’s limited from 7 till 11 AM. When you want the best stuff: you need to be on time. Sleeping in is not an option. So here I am setting an alarm at 8 to make sure I’m in the restaurant at 9. Luckily for me, this is different from brunch. There the magic starts at 11 AM and lasts till 3 PM. Especially after covid and getting 28 years old, I love to ‘sleep in’ and meet up with friends in the city for brunch. Usually around 12, so when we are done we can go shopping. 

My favorite Brunch spots

Brunch is very ‘new’ to me. I used to brunch only on holidays with family for Easter or Christmas. I’m glad more restaurants and coffee places started to offer brunch items on the menu. Some even offer it the whole day! I will share some of my favorites with you where they ace brunch and that I highly recommend in The Hague.

 Restaurant De Kade

Where? Wagenstraat 193
Why? Amazing bagel with candied bacon and scrambled egg.

I stumbled upon Restaurant De Kade a few weeks ago. A friend of mine introduced me to this place and I was hooked. Their menu is not that big, but the options are amazing. My favorite sandwich is the bagel with candied bacon and silky smooth scrambled eggs. It’s difficult to eat, but so so good! My second favorite is the Croque Monsieur. A cheese toastie with creamy bechamel and caramelized onions. This sandwich is basically a french onion soup between 2 crispy pieces of toast.

Croque Monsieur and Bagel
My favorite sandwiches at Restaurant De Kade

Teds All-Day Brunch

Where?  Frederikstraat 32
Why? Eggs Benedict and French Toast

Teds is known for serving Brunch All Day (Everyday!). When the boyfriend was out of town I went there with one of my biggest foodie friends. It was the best idea to go with him, so we could share and try different items. I definitely recommend doing the same. Order a classic Eggs Benedict served on croissants together with their classic French toast with bacon and banana. I LOVE sandwiches that combine sweet and savory. At Teds, they really master this: combining sweet with savory.

Eggs benedict and french toast
A sweet croissant with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce and french toast with banana and bacon

Saffie’s Breakfast Bar

Where? Rabbijn Maarsenplein 7A
Why? Egg-celent and Panino Mozza Fritta

Saffie’s Breakfast Bar started quite recently and is part of Pazze e Pizza. Every weekend from 10 AM till 2 PM she serves great sandwiches and yogurt bowls together with Mimosa’s and fresh juices. The Egg-celent was great, but the big surprise to me was the Panino Mozza Fritta. This sandwich is fried mozzarella with bacon, tomato, arugala and spicy honey. The perfect hangover sandwich:a combination of crispy and gooey mozzarella with crispy bacon. The acidity of the tomato gives it a good kick with the spicy honey. 

Egg-celent breakfast sandwiches
Egg-celent breakfast sandwiches

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