back on track 2022

Waves of Wisdom: Getting back on track

Happy birthday to me! Turned 29 yesterday 🙂

I had a great day with friends and family. As the day after I started reminiscing about the past year. One big thing was that I started this blog. I took a break from working on it and decided now to start to get back on track. I loved writing and sharing my stories. 

Goals for 2022

I have set some goals for myself. To make them proper goals I’m gonna share them with the internet and let’s see next year how it went.

  1. Getting a healthy body (lost already -3,5 kilos since January)
  2. Getting my drivers license
  3. Reading a book per month
  4. Writing a blog per month

How to get back on track

Online you can find many how-tos about getting back on track. The key is to make it as simple as possible.

Here are the ones I implemented in my own life:

1. Schedule your new habits in your life and add them to your calendar.

2. Stick to your schedule as much as you can. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Let’s say you want to move more there are many things you can do: walking, dancing or even grocery shopping by bike or on foot.

3. To make sure you stick to your habits and goals it is important to pick things that you care about. That makes it easier for you to do this.