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Inspiring books that help with inner work

Do you know how it feels to feel stuck? Or how it feels to do everything on autopilot? I do. During the pandemic, I had this stuck feeling and the feeling of doing everything on autopilot. I just kept going while I actually felt meh, but I kept going (because that is what I always do). Until it is too much, and then you can better hide 😛

Locked up

When I was in lockdown in my bedroom because of COVID-19, it really hit me. I felt isolated and alone. Also, ashamed of getting infected with COVID-19. I was so careful the whole year and on the last day of the year, during my vacation, I got infected. Yippee! Luckily it was done after 10 days, but I still felt meh. I got help from a coach to guide me on this journey and discover why I felt like this.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

During a series of sessions, I worked on my diet, exercise, but also on some reflection. With some homework, I had good conversations with myself about what makes me happy and what drains my energy. Very honest and interesting. It felt good to have a moment with myself and work on my feelings and emotions. Now I journal every day and try here and there to meditate.

Inspiring books

During the coaching sessions, I got more interested in lifestyle coaching books and Instagram accounts. They inspire me and give me the extra tools to use in life. It feels good to learn new things. I feel more confident and calm. I just know now how to cope with myself, when I don’t feel like myself. Not only that, but I just listen and be with my feelings, instead of pushing them away. If you are interested in soul-searching, I can highly recommend these inspiring books:

You are a Badass – Jen Sincero

I always thought that those self-help books were a bunch of crap. When I read this book, this is also what Jen Sincero writes. This book is so easy to read and has this tone of voice that really appeals to me. It’s like listening to a good friend with great advice. 


How to do the work – Nicole Lepera

I’m still reading this book, but it already gives me great insights. The book explains many psychology-related topics in a way that it’s perfect to understand. Each chapter has some homework exercises that help you with doing the work. I keep them in my journal, but you can also do it in a different notebook. On Spotify, I listen to the Self Healers Soundboard, where the chapters are discussed.

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Nice girls don’t get the corner office – Lois P. Frankel

As a nice girl myself, I was very drawn to this book. I’m always too nice and too pleasing. This book helps me to stand my ground in the workplace and respect my boundaries. It has great information mixed with some exercises to do yourself. It begins with a questionnaire to find out which subjects are interesting for you to work on, of course, you can also read it from top to bottom.

book 3

What are your favorite inspiring books? I have a lot of books in my ‘Good reads list’, but I’m always looking for new ones to add.