Playlist: Marijke Makes Waves vol.1

In my journey of rediscovering my new passions, I remembered my love of finding new music and sharing it with friends. I spend hours and hours online to discover new artists and make my own playlist.

The first Marijke Makes Waves playlist

Today I want to share my first Marijke Makes Waves playlist. The idea of the first one is to share my favorite songs. I love music and sharing it!

In the first volume, I chose to go for my more indie/pop period. The weather lately is quite chill/moody. I would play this list during work or on a grey Sunday morning with a fresh coffee.

A good way to get to know me

My music taste is quite big. Therefore I thought it would be fun to show my different periods in different volumes. For me a cool trip down memory lane. For you a way to get to know me. I could listen to these songs everywhere. On my bike to school, during class, on the beach, or in my bed: everywhere!

Let me know what you think. For me, it was great to have a trip down memory lane and put the songs together.

The idea for playlists

In the next volumes, I would highlight other songs in my favorite genres. Genres that I love are hip-hop, R&B, soul, jazz, rock, disco, indie, and pop. The lists are based on my mood. As with today’s list being more chill/moody and the next one may be more into a summer vibe. Stay tuned!