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My favorite restaurants in The Hague

I love food: cooking for friends and family is great, but going out for dinner or lunch is my favorite thing to do. Unfortunately, restaurants are closed, but I’m glad that take-away is at least an option. In this blog, I share my favorite restaurants in The Hague.

My favorite restaurants for special occasions (or just because it’s good)

A lot of friends and family, know about my love for food. I love sharing it with everyone. They also ask me often where to go for dinner or lunch when they go somewhere. In this blog, I share my favorite restaurants in The Hague. 5 years ago I moved here, but I already know the city for longer. As a kid we always went to The Hague for shopping and later on when I started dating my boyfriend I was here more and more (and decided to live here).


Via friends I discovered this gem of a restaurant with a cool Asian fusion vibe. My boyfriend got a gift card from Dekxels for his birthday and I was super excited that I could enjoy it with him.

We were surprised by the great menu with a good Asian vibe. They have Asian influences together mixed with Mediterranean cuisine. Their concept is really simple: you choose 3 dishes per person for a good full menu experience. Our favorites are Salmon sashimi, Tuna tartare, Beef tataki, Bao Buns with duck, Korean pork belly, and the chocolate cake with banana and caramel. They also serve their own hot sauce which is the best, if you ask nicely they might give you a little bottle to take home.

The service is very good and they can really advise you on what to order and what to drink with your food. Due to the pandemic, they offer take-away, but for now, I’m counting down till restaurants are open again.

Tuna Tartare
Salmon Sashimi and Tuna Tartare
Bao Bun
Bao Buns, Shrimp Taco and Dekxels fries with their special hot sauce!
Chocolate Cake
Dessert! Chocolate cake and Sticky Rice with Mango

MaMa Kelly

Winner winner chicken dinner! Sometimes all you need is some roasted chicken with fries. In The Hague, we have MaMa Kelly. The restaurant is located in an old factory and they serve the best roast chicken. Rather have something fancier? They serve lobster as well. 

Their main items on the menu are the roast chicken and cooked lobster. I’m not a big fan of lobster, but you can always make me happy with roast chicken. They also serve them with many different sauces: spicy, Asian style, and classic. My favorite is the spicy sauce, it’s really spicy with a lot of peppers but I love that. My boyfriend rather goes for the Asian style with soy sauce and golden syrup. When they first started their main focus was only the chicken or lobster. After a while, they added some other dishes as well: a risotto (with truffle and one with lobster) and steak tartar. 

Next to the great food I love the ambiance as well: the high ceilings and factory vibe with a lot of candles everywhere. Perfect for a cozy dinner with family and friends in a spacious environment. The restaurant is closed for now but they serve great take-away, you can get your order via a drive-through.

Thank god for MaMa's drive-through
High ceilings at MaMa Kelly
The factory look and feel combined with candle light
MaMa Kelly Spicy chicken
Spicy roasted chicken with fries


In case you didn’t notice Asian food is my favorite, but luckily for me, you have many different flavors and dishes. Japanese fusion especially is a whole different cuisine to me. The flavors are more delicate and simple.

 At Yuzu, they serve great Japanese flavors with a twist in an urban Japanese vibe. When you are there it almost feels like you are in Tokyo, especially in the toilets where it feels like you are in a metro station. As at Dekxels, you also order here 3 dishes per person (or more). We went here for my birthday before Corona and went all out. We ordered all kinds of things: Edamame, Crispy Rice chips (not what you expect), Gyoza and Salmon Tartare accompanied with some Asahi beers. The vibe and the amazing food make it a great experience to visit. It almost felt like we were in Tokyo instead of The Hague. 

Yuzu's amazing bar
The lanterns from Yuzu are an amazing eyecatcher
Salmon tartare with crispy potato chips
Salmon tartare with crispy potato chips
Gyoza with white soy

I hope you guys loved reading about my favorite restaurants in The Hague. Next time I will my favorite places for lunch and where you can get the best desserts. Stay tuned!