making progress and waves

Go forward, make progress – Waves of Wisdom #3

A month ago I started this blog. After coaching sessions and reading, I decided to go forward. The blog idea was already in my head for years. Thinking of domain names was difficult and I got stuck in the name department. Overthinking is what I do, as a solution I reached out to friends to help me. Sometimes it’s better to reach out and ask others. One of my friends came up with the name and it clicked. Marijke Makes Waves was born!

Go forward and build a website

After claiming the name, I installed WordPress. Building from scratch is new to me, so I watched some tutorials on YouTube and started the foundation. I  looked at other blogs and how they are set up. What is the balance between image/text ratio? Which type of categories do they use? How should order my categories? With those questions in mind, I created the categories and the pages. Let’s write and post!

Share your progress

When I posted the first blog I shared it with my friends. Usually, I keep things for myself. This time it was different: I was proud and confident. The response was good: I got new ideas and good feedback. One of them was don’t use too many stock photos. Looking into my own library, I found cool pictures from my phone and camera. Memories that I’ve made but never shared. In the future, I will use my camera more.

Let the ideas flow

Now the website is going well, I want to work out more ideas. Things like making videos, gain editing skills and work on an editorial calendar. Fine-tuning the process and work on engagement.

Yesterday I shared the website and Instagram account on my personal Instagram account. It has been a month, why not! I was anxious, but I’m glad I did. This project makes me happy. It feels good to have something for myself. I can inspire others and share my stories.

Waves of Wisdom