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Places to go after the pandemic – my bucket list

Spring has started, so slowly I start to think about my vacation plans. With Queen Rona running the show there are not a lot of options, but a girl can dream, right? Especially being in the pandemic for a year I really start to miss traveling. I’m pretty sure traveling, in general, will change, but some places I still have to see. Of course, some trips will perhaps be done by car, but some gems are only reachable by plane. What are the places you are dreaming about visiting after the pandemic? 

Places to go on my bucket list

Let me share one of my top 3 places I want to go whenever this is possible again. Some will be possible in a year or so and others will take a bit longer. Although I must admit that when the vaccines are in and the world opens up again, I’d rather go to the farthest destination on my list.

1. Indonesia

He? That far? Well yes, because to me it’s the most beautiful country (archipelago) in the world. The culture is really diverse and the food is amazing! Here in the Netherlands, you can get Indonesian food, but it’s not the same. I also have Indonesian roots, which makes me already prejudiced. My grandparents were born in Java and escaped the country after the WOII.

I already went twice. The first time was with my family and the second time with my boyfriend for a wedding. Both times to Java and Bali, but two totally different experiences. The first one was the touristic tour with some family historyThe second time was getting to know the country from a local perspective. On the third trip, I just want to see our Indonesian friends again and visit some more unknown places.

Prambanan temple in Java by sunset

2. Japan

Japan is one of those destinations everyone wants to go. The food, the culture and the people. I can’t wait to eat proper sushi or ramen in one of those street bars. Downside is that when you come back, the sushi will never be the same. Also looking forward to take the Shinkansen train to Osaka and Kyoto. Visit temples or a tea ceremony. Unfortunately going to Japan is not really cheap, so I’m already saving up for the trip. In the meantime I will just watch shows about Japan on Netflix and Amazon Prime.
Places to go: Tokyo

3. Portugal

The next country on my bucket list is a bit closer to home: Portugal! To be more specific: Lisbon. Before the pandemic started my mom and I booked a trip there for a mother daughter food and sleep fest. Lisbon has all of that and I couldn’t wait to explore the city with my mom. It has the best combination of city and beaches.

Our trip to Copenhagen was a great success: Have an early breakfast, explore the city, have an amazing lunch, walk more and go to our room around 16:00 in the afternoon. There we would take a nap or read a book until dinner. We would freshen up and go for round 2: go for dinner and explore the city by night. I already made a list of places that I want to visit (some influenced by Somebody feed Phil).
Lisbon has great architecture