how to start with running

Running for beginners: how to start

In Running for beginners I share my experience with you (so far). Running has always been a thing that I would really like to enjoy, but I just can’t. It started with the idea of people look at me how I run. Me and my big body huffing and puffing. No, thank you. I tried sometimes and start super confident, but I ended up just walking home. Too embarrassed of how I look while running. In my childhood I used to do a lot of sports: jazz ballet, hip-hop/street dance, twirling (yes with a baton), and basketball. So you would think, especially with the basketball part, that I am confident enough to go running.

Inspired by a movie

Now at least 10 years later and with a lot of trying in between, I gave it a go. At the beginning of the pandemic and the gyms were closed I felt it was time. After watching Britanny runs a Marathon (a recommendation in this running for beginners category) with my best friend, we were ready to do it.

How I started

My friend also wanted to go, so right after the movie, we installed this Evy Run app. The app has some goals set for you with a designed program that fits that goal. Ours is running a 5KM aka Running for beginners. In 30 sessions Evy trains you to get to that 5K run. You start first with a 1-minute jog and follow that up with a 1-minute walk, then a 2-minute jog and a 2-minute walk and builds that up to 20 minutes. In small steps, you slowly start to get used to running, focus on your posture and your breathing to finish up the next sessions with 3-minute jogs and 3-minute walks.

Get the right gear

What also helps is good gear. I finally thought, ok let’s go for some running shoes. I did some online research and found the Asics Outlet. They have the older model shoes and gear for a good price. For the clothing, I ordered some leggings and jackets from H&M and I was ready to go. You don’t need all of this. Just like Britanny, you can start in jogging pants and a t-shirt and you are good to go. That is also what I like about running, you put on your stuff and you are ready to go.

Choose a nice area

Another tip I can give you is: think about a route you want to take and what your goal is. When I started I was really overthinking this, which also made my motivation go down. Now I have two different routes. I live in an area with nice parks and not too crowded streets.

I pick my route based on the time I have. For mornings with a lot of time, I’d rather go to one of the bigger parks close by and really take my time. It’s usually a 10 to 15-minute walk, so perfect to warm up a bit and cool down after the run. When I don’t have a lot of time I’d rather run around my block. I do this especially in the evening because it feels safer with the lights on and people living close by (and also: curfew). I just start the app when I leave my building and will be back in 20 minutes.

Just do it!

So if you feel like me and you want to do something to make you feel better, give it a try. Don’t be like me and be so self-conscious that it takes you 10 years to actually come to a point where you don’t care anymore. But I guess that is easy to say for a 28-year old that doesn’t care anymore (at least less haha).

Post run enjoying the view of the park
After my run I enjoy the park