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Waves of Wisdom #1 – An exciting first week

l have been working on this website for a week now. Started really nice with pages as categories. Later I found out that I need to add blog posts (this Waves of Wisdom example) as posts. Also, my menus are now based on categories of those posts instead of pages. I might have to change this again because in my opinion the /category/… is not as great. Whatever and if I don’t like it I can always update it.

I must say that I spent maybe less time working on this than I wanted, but it’s ok. I don’t need to be the perfect website builder or blogger. I first want to start with a solid foundation before I share my great articles. Also thinking about what I want for the socials, but that will come when the blog is more filled with content.

So far I’m proud of my first 100+ visits. I had at least 130 visits per day the last 3 days. And that with a page that is not ready. I am brainstorming on topics for the different categories. Among other things, I want to work on some Instagram content. The idea is to create images for Stories to link on my profile based on my categories.

It feels good to have my own project. Especially at night, I have a lot of inspiration and I’m motivated to work on it. Just like now, I started at 22:00 and it’s now 1:00 already! Let’s see where this goes and how I can improve myself 🙂