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Waves of Wisdom #4 – Finding that sweet spot

I want to have a niche, but how? I like so many things and I want to discuss all of them on my blog, but I need to make a decision. I want to use this Wave of Wisdom to share a struggle I have in general with things: I can’t decide or set clear boundaries.

Already with my coaching sessions, I find it difficult to describe myself and my interests: I love food, music, and writing. I’m a sneaker and skincare fan? I love helping others work-related but also just giving advice. At work, I’m also considered the jack of all trades.

Quite a full profile/plate with things I do and love. Which makes it hard for people to understand me or to grasp my identity/being. The expectation of ‘Marijke will do this or can do that because she does this other thing as well’ is one of these traps I let myself into. Add my decision issue and setting boundary issues to the mix and tadaaaaa.

How can I find that sweet spot?

I need to write a list of things that I really love and topics that really fit me. Now it’s a big bunch of everything or maybe I’m overthinking again… I just want to share my uncertainties and show you that it’s not all fun and games. In my opinion, I need to have less of everything and just go straight to the core/point of who I am.

  1. I love food: that is something everyone knows and I can’t stop talking about. I can also cook ok so no problem to show that part of me.
  2. I love writing/being creative: not really a topic that is up for discussion since I’m showing that by doing this.
  3. I love music: although it was a topic that used to be more on my agenda. In high school, I made a lot of playlists and discovered a lot of cool artists. To get someone’s attention I love to find cool artists that fit their pallet. 
  4. I love traveling: also because it’s great to combine with food: I would love to make a world trip and eat all the OG food of each country. On the other hand, traveling is not really possible right now?
  5. I love giving advice/work on healthy things: because I struggle with it, I want to share my POV, but maybe I should leave that to others?
  6. I love making pictures: perfect add on for a blog
  7. I love skincare because I struggled so much with acne and with discovering Korean and French skincare it got a lot better.
  8. I love fashion in a way that I love my street style/scandi style? Sneakers + Jeans = me.

So as you can see, a lot of topics were at least 1 to 4 + 6 are clear. Do I miss out if I leave the other topics out? To be continued…